Marks 4wd Land Cruiser stock 4 & 5 SP to Chevy LS V8 Conversion kit


This adapter kit is used to adapt a Chevy LS V8 engine to FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60 and FJ62 4 and 5-Speed Manual Kit and is manufactured by Marks 4wd. It utilizes the Advance Adapters GM LS flywheel and clutch along with the Toyota bell housing. Instead of a new bell housing, a flywheel housing is supplied which measures 4.8″ long. This housing has the GM bolt pattern on the front and the Toyota 1F, 2F, and 3F, bolt pattern on the rear.


SKU: 713027-EK



The kit has been designed to allow for firewall clearance without shifting the transmission or altering the drive shaft lengths.

The transmission input shaft is coupled to the clutch via an input extension shaft. The shaft has the Toyota internal spline and pilot diameter on the transmission end, and GM external spline and pilot diameter on the engine end. The front of the shaft is supported in the crankshaft by a sealed ball bearing inside an adaptor ring.

We also include GM LS weld-in engine mounts, bell housing mount, LS Conversion flywheel, Clutch Plate , Disc, Release bearing, Water temp bushing, and Upper radiator hose temp sensor kit.


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